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chair mat casters factory:Home and office, you should choose a waist protection computer chair. UE small h hanging waist chair is really good

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chair mat casters factory:Home and office, you should choose a waist protection computer chair. UE small h hanging waist chair is really good



The boss is crazy and the employee is closed again

Just a few days ago, the epidemic once again swept through all provinces and cities in China. Under this epidemic, too many people were displaced, too many people could not go to classes and schools, but could not go to school to study. In the face of difficulties, of course, we can't wait to die. That's not what our boss said. Carry out home office in an all-round way! As the old saying goes: if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. I bought myself a "small" and beautiful ergonomic computer chair that is sedentary and not tired.

Why does this chair attract me? Listen to me slowly:)

Can't do without unpacking: introduce this chair

It doesn't take much time to pack. It's just a big carton (in fact, it's bigger than I expected, which once made me worry about whether the chair is small). Open the box directly!

Before assembly, there are scattered components. The upper row is the seat back, cushion, base and screws, and the lower row is five claws, left and right armrests, gloves, air rods and universal wheels.

In addition to screws and Allen keys, the best thing in the accessory bag is that gloves are also given for easy installation (but men probably don't have much use, ha ha)

I won't say much about the assembly process. It's very easy to handle according to the instructions

This is the finished product. How about the appearance? Is it very good? I don't want to use the common black or gray in the company at home and office, but choose the color of Xiaomi orange, which is fresh, beautiful and warm

If you want to talk about how to choose a chair, especially a chair that needs to be used for a long time at home and office like me, it is estimated that everyone can say a few precautions. I will share my purchasing experience today

First of all, we must choose the engineering chair

That is, according to the ergonomic design of the chair, the computer chair conforms to the human body curve design, which can promote the correct and healthy sitting posture of the human body. When used, it can reduce the burden on the leg muscles and reduce the burden on the human blood system. There are many benefits.

The second is the importance of the seat back

That is our back! The back is suck and comfortable. Many chairs will sit for a while. People will feel tired and uncomfortable. The reason is that the design of the chair is not strong enough.

This UE small h computer chair is an entry-level ergonomic chair. Its unique "H" stable shape has the advantages of beauty, firmness and durability. Combined with the suspension waist support chair back designed by ergonomics, it forms a permanent support for the waist and back by fixing the waist at one end and hanging in the air, closely fits the curve of the human back, provides strong support for the waist and back, and realizes the protection of the lumbar spine.

The third is workmanship and detail design

Workmanship is the premise of safety and comfort, and exquisite design in detail can often make the product more applicable or multi scene applications.

In terms of the material of the UE small h computer chair I started with, the back is mainly made of high woven flexible mesh, which can not only breathe freely, but also ensure a very good skin affinity. The cushion is selected with high-density and high elastic sponge, and the surfaces on both sides of the plate are raised, which can achieve the effect of gathering and wrapping the hips and reducing outward expansion.

In terms of details, I also like the flip handrail design. When not in use, as long as the handrail is lifted, it can be directly pushed into the table, which is very easy to store.

Some people may worry about the quality of universal wheels, air rods and bases, but you can rest assured that this UE is produced by the famous "Yongyi". The air rods, German TUV explosion-proof air rods and chairs are guaranteed for five years. This brand is the guarantee of quality!

Postscript, talk about the shortcomings of this chair

Is there no defect or regret in this chair? In fact, there are still some through use, mainly including two points:

You can't take a nap without a headrest

When I work in the company, I take a nap at noon, adjust the chair to the carefree mode, put my head on the headrest and sleep for a while. However, because I work at home, I can lie in bed when I want to rest. This headrest is of little significance

Nylon five-star feet are easy to get dirty

Although the appearance value is very high, there is a pity that users who are used to stepping on five-star claws in daily use are very easy to wear and dirty. It's really distressing to look at it over time. It would be perfect if you could attach some hard shells or metal skins.

After this period of use, the overall performance of this chair can be said to be very good. The unique hanging waist design and turning armrest make this engineering designed computer chair not only beautiful, but also a good choice for sitting comfortably and not tired




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