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glide castors for office chair:Sedentary and tired, you need this swivel chair

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glide castors for office chair:Sedentary and tired, you need this swivel chairA081.jpg


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S-292 书刊胶背胶

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Chair is an indispensable piece of furniture at home and in the office. A comfortable chair can not only bring a comfortable life experience at home, but also become an indispensable decompression artifact in the office space.

For most office workers, eight hours a day is inseparable. In addition to the bed, it is the computer chair. The two will also compete for favor, and usually the boss will help the computer chair keep you. "Work overtime, honey."

Well, you have to stay with the computer chair. How can you choose one casually?

When shopping for a computer chair, you should be as careful as choosing the other half (usually you spend more time with the chair). Xiaobian has done his homework and should start to answer it carefully!

Office swivel chair is not only a necessary item in the office, but also a necessary work chair in our home study. You may not be able to choose your favorite office swivel chair in the office, so you can choose your favorite at will in your own home. Next, let's learn about the purchase of office swivel chairs!

According to the rotation angle, the office swivel chair is generally divided into full swivel chair and half swivel chair. The full swivel chair refers to the office chair that can rotate 360 degrees, while the half swivel chair refers to the office swivel chair that can only rotate 90 degrees from left to right.

According to the type, it can be divided into four types: work chair, staff chair, middle class chair and large class chair. In addition to the different size of these office swivel chairs, their shapes are the same. It is composed of backrest, base, handrail, pressure lifting rod, five-star tripod and pulley.



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